Saturday, October 20, 2012

What's happening?

We're really drawing to the end of 2012. November is almost here and then all the glitzy lights of Christmas will abound in malls (my absolute favourite time of the year!) And before you know it....2013 will be here!

I've been keeping really busy. Kids keep you busy!
Jewellery organizer I made for Joy.
 Exciting times are ahead....
I'm almost ONE!
We're thankful for all that has been happening...

My Darling got his promotion.... he will be Associate Professor as of 1st January 2013.

Joseph - he's had a great year in primary one. While he didn't emerge top student (and I had no such expectations), his exam results showed much improvement from semester 1 to semester 2. He did not have any tuition and was coached mostly by his banana-mother. I have to give him a big pat on the shoulder.

Joy-Anne - we've registered her for kindy in 2013.

Isabel is not quite walking yet - slower than Joy who walked at 10.5 months. But she sure is happy with the toys and slide in my play area at home.
We will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in 2 weeks time. To commemorate this....we recently did a photoshoot with
I managed to fit into my original gown. Daaling of course had no problems getting into his suit. If I may say so, I sure think we look as good as we did on our wedding day!

Challenging days are ahead. Nana will move out of our home and into Ah Ku's home. It has been seven good years with her. The children are going to miss her, I'm sure. But God has been good and I know he will continue to not just sustain us, but bless us beyond our wildest dreams and bring us to greater heights!


  1. aaarrggh! don't think i'll ever fit into my wedding gown again - had thots of selling it - but no buyers :(
    and yes - everyone looking good in the photoshoot.
    congrats to your dearest hubs on his promotion.

    1. You can donate the gown to DUMC's wedding ministry....if you don't want to keep it. Difficult to sell.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and hubs :)

  3. Saw your wedding photos and this shoot on FB - indeed, both of you hardly changed at all! Congrats on your hubby's promotion! Yan Yan is going kindy next year too, she and Joy can potentially become classmates, like Jo and Yiu Yiu in Jasmine :-)

  4. Guess I'll be seeing you at JC....but they won't be classmates. Joy is going into a 5th old class. We delayed her kindy education by a year coz there we too many transitions this baby, Joe std we sacrificed her :-)