Tuesday, October 30, 2012

High tea at Chatz Brasserie@Parkroyal Hotel KL

We've had to do a few 'customary buy-you-dinner/lunch" in conjunction with Daaling's promotion. Actually it's just and excuse for me to eat.
Last month we went back to Seremban to take AhKong and AhMah out for dinner. It was a very nice dinner in the private dining room at RSUC.
Last Sunday, it was Nana and KongKong's turn. We had high tea at Chatz Brasserie in Parkroyal Hotel.
of course I had to start off with some salad...

Isabel fell out of the high chair while I momentarily turned my head to take the knives out of her reach.
So the staff brought some helium balloons to cheer her up. And my older kids (who had just heard the weekend's sermon about being grateful in ALL circumstances) said, "see...thank God Isabel fell down...otherwise we won't get balloons!"

Nana really liked the Calamansi gelato.
gelato and HaagenDazs (strawberry flavour only) included.

Desserts were decent enough. The marble cheese cake was pretty good. I had 2 pieces.

I really liked the bread and butter pudding topped with Vanilla custard and I added a scoop of Vanilla gelato then sprinkled with white chocolate shavings. Heavenly!

I only realized too late that I had forgotten to take photos of most of the food I ate. This is just a modest last round.
clockwise from top : Roast Lamb with mint sauce, char siew, seafood (Huge mussels) in butter sauce, lamb stew

The roast lamb and lamb stew were really good. Did I mention I like lamb? I think I ate my month's quota of meat. Burp!
Last thing I ate was ice kacang with lots of evaporated milk.
For RM38 per person (livingsocial vouchers), I would say it's a worthwhile meal. They also had yong tau foo, rojak buah, char koay teow (live action stall), curry mee, cendol and satay. No sushi, salmon or oysters which explains the lower price. But that's good because KongKong and kim kim doesn't eat these stuff so it would be a waste.

We'll be having another round of makan in a few days....I'm so excited!!!

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