Monday, October 22, 2012

Greeco Venture

I was googling around for some online store to print some photos and stumbled across Greeco Venture.
Greeco Venture promises quality prints on FujiColor Crystal Archive Photographic Paper. Fujifilm is consistently a leader in the imaging world, and now the Digital Minilab Frontier represents a crystallization of Fujifilm's imaging technology. Used in conjunction with Fujifilm processing chemicals and original color paper, Frontier processing ensures beautiful prints.

FDI (Fuji Digital Imaging) is a system that allows FDI photo shop that have invested in fuji film digital technology to produce amazing photographs from any digital media or conventional film. FDI retail shops are equiped with the latest digital picture printing technology allowing you to produce outstanding quality prints from almost any form of digital media.

Because Fujifilm knows pictures, it is able to offer sophisticated digital image-processing technology. Image Intelligence ™ is Fujifilm's original digital image processing and correction technology. It automatically analyzes scenes and subjects and performs optimum image correction.
Greeco Venture offers prints in various sizes including the usual 4R (4"x6") as well as 4D photos.

Now what are 4D photos?

Digital cameras take photos in a 4:3 ratio. Because of this, some parts of the photo will not get printed when you opt for 4R size.

So you may get some headless pictures...

If those parts are of vital importance to the picture, then you may choose to print with a white border on the right and left which would then look like this.
Not very nice, right?
This is where 4D photos come in. It matches the size ration perfectly so you don't lose anything from the original picture.

You can upload photos offline (which is to bring a CD/DVD/thumbdrive to their physical store or online using their easy-to-use software. Uploading photos online is easy with their photoprint software. They have a step by step guide on their website.
After downloading their software (it's really quick!), browse the folder where your photos are stored. Select what you want to print using 'drag and drop' or the 'add' button.
If your pictures have insufficient pixel you get a 'low quality image' warning.

Once your selected photos been added, your photos will be shown in the 3rd column for order processing.
The 'REMOVE' button shows RED when your photo do not have sufficient resolution, which already been warn at the time when you drag/add the photos.
The 'CROP' button become 'RED' when your photo do not match with the selected print size.

You can double check the pricing right there without having to browse the entire website again.

Payment is either by Maybank2U or via credit card.

As for shipping, they can have it shipped to your doorstep or you can opt to pick up from their store in Penang.

Greeco Venture is currently having a print promotion of only RM0.29 per 4R print. That's certainly a lot of savings when you don't have to drive out to a shop, look for parking, pay for parking etc etc etc.

You can also sign up for free membership to get 20 free prints (10x4R and 10x4D).

I've yet to find another company offering 4D prints and at such value-for-money prices. 
For more information, hop on over to their website! 

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