Tuesday, October 02, 2012

time out with princess no.1

I had another mother-daughter time with my princess no.1 today. After sending Joe to school, and with Isabel at home with Nana, Joy and I headed to Ikea.
First we went to get some nail polish top coat to apply over the nail art stickers that I bought for RM1.45 a pack. She's got flowers and butterflies on her nails now.
On the way, we checked out some bling bling. This girl is really into costume jewellery. But she understands when I tell her it's expensive and I can't buy everything.

Did you know Ikea is really quiet on a weekday? I left her in Smaland for an hour and came back to see her engrossed in her craft work with the Ikea aunty.
She didn't even look up at me so I left her and came back 5 minutes later. This time, she looked up and saw me, then quickly looked down again pretending that she didn't see me! And I thought she would cry because she went in without her kor kor.
Ikea Kura bed.... to buy or not to buy?
We then went to get the stuff I wanted to buy.....which was our main reason for going to Ikea. Shh....secret stuff. Can't tell.  

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  1. Shopping for Christmas early? Ah yes, going to shopping malls during weekdays are the best times, I think. But just be careful at the carpark areas... I am afraid myself, and we are at the greatest exposure when putting the child into the car before getting in ourselves.