Monday, January 30, 2012

La Joyeux Bistro

**update on 3Feb2012 - there's a current promo if you want to try...

It may be CNY, but my side of the family has ang moh tummies. So instead of the usual CNY fare, my brother brought us to this pork-elicious place in Taipan USJ. We ordered most of the recommended dishes...
The pork knuckles were really good! Indescribably crispy and yummy!
Forget Tony Roma's. If you can't make the trip down south across the border, come here for real baby back ribs.We were so busy devouring all that porky goodness that we forgot to take a family photo. Nevertheless, everyone (even Ah Chor who claims to eat very little) enjoyed the meal thoroughly.


  1. Yes..this place is seriously good and good for money too. IN fact, Groupon is running a promo now.

  2. wow. food looks really good. must go check out this place the next time we head down to KL...