Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Earrings for my princess

Two days before CNY, we were back in Seremban already, and while the boys went swimming, Joy went window shopping with me and Tua Um.

As we walked past Poh Kong, I asked her if she wanted to have her ears pierced. She nodded and said ok. (We had talked about this earlier so it wasn't really a spur-of-the-moment-thing).

So we went in, she sat down at picked out the flower-shaped earrings then waited patiently as the gun was prepared. At this point, she started to feel apprehensive and asked me to hold her hands.

I held her hands as the guy sprayed ethyl chloride on her ears and then with another lady (one person, one ear) they held the guns to her ears...one, two, three...bang! And it was done! Very efficient! Joy didn't cry but was rather shocked. She held me tightly and said, "Too pain, mum..." but was quickly comforted by looking in the mirror. When she got home, she happily asked everyone, "Do you notice something different about me????"


  1. Wah, very brave! Salute salute! Vanity does have its advantages, giving courage to a little 4yo which Aunty like me is even too scared to go through again. Coincidently, we saw a guaranteed-painless jewellery shop in Sg and we were trying to convince Vic to go for it, but she refused. Maybe later... Btw, was it really painless? My ear ring "hole" closed some years back : (

  2. I doubt it was painless. Sure got some pain but can't be anywhere as painful as giving birth. Joy said little bit of pain...which was very quickly forgotten when she looked in the mirror. Only RM15 inclusive of the gold-plated earrings...go for it!