Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keepsake moments

We did a photoshoot last November when Isabel was 2.5 weeks old. I love every shot that Grace took!

She's great at making my kids feel at ease.

We started off with some shots at our poolside.

Then it started to drizzle so we went back indoors.

This looks like a studio shot...but it's just her wonderful (and ultra compact) props and skill.I'm totally amazed at how she managed to make my scrawny and terribly jaundiced baby look so chubby and pink!

I'm a perfectionist so when the kids don't behave and smile, I get worked up. But Grace just told the kids to play and enjoy.

I'm gonna treasure these photos for years to come. Maybe I should do this on an annual basis....


  1. oh wow! lovely lovely lovely shots! esp the black/white ones. i'm itching to get a family photo session done soon - last time was 2+ yrs ago by Grace as well.

  2. lovely! i'm with Hui-Wearn..i'm also itching to get a family photo session done soon.... havent done any! :(

  3. Very lovely pictures! Credit also given to your well behaved and very cooperative kids lar... Baby Isabel will definitely cherish these photos too!