Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February at a glance...

In the blink of an eye February is almost gone. I've been mentally writing this post but never had the time to put two hands to my computer keyboard. Not to mention I've been so slack at taking photos of the kids.

February started with all of us still in the Chinese New Year mood. I let the kids stay up late on chap goh meh to watch fireworks from our balcony.

February - Isabel turned 3 months old and finally outgrew the newborn sized diapers. Yup...she wore newborn sized diapers for THREE WHOLE MONTHS!!! At 3 months, she weighed a mere 5kg and measured 62cm - the tiniest of my babies so far.

At 3 months and 1 week, she rolled over so I had to pack up the bouncer and migrated her into the (14-year-old) playpen.

She's a lot more responsive and smiley these days. Oh and her butt is finally a wee bit more meaty. Sleepless nights are still a norm for me. Some nights she sleeps 12 hours (with dreamfeeds of course) but her 12-hour stretches are from 11pm to 11am! It's not too bad because it gives me time with the Joe and Joy in the morning.

February - I went back to work. Just 4.5 hours x 2 days a week. It's good for my sanity and makes me feel like I have a bit of a life.

February - I lost a bit more weight and can fit into my regular pants though a bit snug. I'm now down to 51kg. Just 1kg to my ideal 50kg weight. I've also started pilates. It's a 10-session beginners package. My aim is to tone up my abs and hopefully 'repair' my seemingly-permanently everted navel.

February - Joseph is finally liking school. He no longer whines about going to chinese school but actually said, "School is not so bad after all". He likes computer lessons because the teacher teaches in English. I guess that's the practical thing to do because you can't call the mouse 'lau su'. He also likes PE and going to the library. Juara Cerdik did a good job in teaching him to read. So he loves it when they are let loose in the library and free to pick anything they like to read.

I've been telling him that he's lucky to be going to a good school with air-conditioned classrooms and toilets that are cleaned SIX times a day!!! Kids these days are so spoilt. When I asked him if the library has air-conditioning, he say, "yaaahhh....." with a look that said "abuthen....this kind of questions also you need to ask....?"

February - Joy is already asking how long more she has to wait till we make Isaac. She thinks I'm a rabbit!!! Right now...I'm living and loving one day at a time.


  1. thot that private schools only got air-cond.... and toilets cleaned that many times? i'm so impressed.

  2. we pay RM5 per month for the air-con. Yup...toilets cleaned 3 times during morning session and 3 times afternoon session. And the toilets even have fans!!!

  3. wow.... kids these days are certainly pampered! air-con, clean toilets, etc.

    and Joy is so cute! already can't wait for Isaac...even the name already decided! 4 kids....gosh, u r amazing.. haha.

    and Isabel - u not eating enough high-fat content food is it?

  4. Toilets that is cleaned 6 times a day, assuming 3 times in each session, average once every 2 hours? That's good. I have a good mind to speak to Mr Headmaster on our side to check on the toilet duty rosters as some parents (incl myself) think it is air pollution, pity the class next to it.

    But air cond will be nice for the kids, my only doubt is how often they service it and all the germs and dust stuck in it. Besides, when one child falls sick, the virus is shared... but of course the kids love it. Vic "hates" school becoz of the heat. Poor girl.

  5. Air con or not the germs will get shared anyway... It does make them more comfy so they can concentrate.

  6. Wow....Joseph's school is really GOOD ! When I think of school, I also think of toilet how?

    Isabel is growing steadily. That's great. Hope you get some good nights sleep sometime soon.

  7. Congrats for making it through!!!

  8. So when is Baby Isaac coming? :-)