Tuesday, March 03, 2009

wisdom for Joseph

Last Saturday at Children's Church, Joseph learnt about King Solomon. The teaching team did a skit about King Solomon (acted out by papa) and the 2 women who were fighting over a baby.

Then on Sunday, while we were having dinner, Joseph said to me, "Mama...I want to ask God for wisdom. I want to be like King Solomon."

Pleased, I was going to tell him that that was an excellent thing and that God would surely grant his request when he stopped me in my thoughts and said, "So that I can cut Joy-Anne into 2!!!!!"

Joseph has this love-hate relationship with Joy-Anne.

I suspect he doesn't quite know how to deal with his emotions.

When we ask him if he loves his sister, he says he does. If someone threatens to take his sister away, he will protest strongly. He wants to take his sister everywhere he goes (except to school because babies are not allowed to go to school).

our boatride at the Lake Gardens

In spite of all the nonsense he says, I doubt he has any ill-intention. He probably finds it very funny.
Deep down, I know he loves his sister dearly and will protect her from any bad guy (in his words).

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  1. when did joe get over his fear of swings?