Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nana's Birthday

Nana turned 62 yesterday. She's now 62 years young.
On Sunday, Nana and Kong Kong went out for some couple time to indulge in gluttony at the Bintang Revolving Restaurant on the 18th floor of the Federal Hotel. This is courtesy of Yee Yee and Yee Teow.

Senior Citizens pay only RM25++ each. The novelty of the buffet here is that there is a Juice Bar which will prepare on-the-spot pure freshly squeezed juice of your choice (no water added). Most other buffets serve only water, coffee and tea.
Nana loved the carrot+ginger+apple juice. They came home so full, they skipped dinner.

Then yesterday (the real birthday), we had a tiny celebration at home.

Joseph wanted to decorate the cake with his BobTheBuilder toys (again!)

We had one of Nana's old (old means we've known her for many years...not that she's actually thatt old) friends over.

Of course Ah Ku and Aunty Joanne was around too. Ah Ku did some magic to help make the food disappear.

Joe sang "Happy Birthday!" loudest of all.

Then he helped blow out the candles.

I think Nana was also very happy with her birthday present which was a photobook of all the nice photos that Aunty Grace took for us.

Happy Birthday Nana... May God bless you with many more years of good health and strength and many many more grandchildren (i.e. cousins for Joe and Joy!) soon!!!!

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  1. blessed belated birthday, aunty Dorcas! (La, help me wish yr mom yeah..)

    many many more grandchildren - yes, that could mean more siblings for Joe & Joy too... hehe..rite, La? :)