Friday, December 12, 2014

Done with kindy, starting a new journey.

Joy graduated from kindergarten as Student of the Year in her class. I was very surprised because she also got the award last year for Age 5 (in a different class, with a different teacher) so I really wasn't expecting her to get it again. 

This girl amazes me. She's very different from her kor kor. While Joseph can be friends with a classmate and still not know his surname at the end of the year, Joy knows everything about everybody in great detail. She knows which kid belongs to which vehicle, has how many siblings, which kid is whose cousin and goes home with whom and even knows what goes on in the next class. Even when a kid fractured his leg just before the concert (and had to hobble on stage with crutches), she could tell me his name, his class and how and when he fell.  

She told me she can listen to her teacher with one ear while the other ear listens to the teacher in the next class!

I think apart from Student of the Year, teacher should have awarded her with a Miss Reporter or Busybody award.

After 2 wonderful years my girl leaves TJC with warm memories she will cherish and I hope friendships to last a lifetime. I'm in the midst of compiling a photobook for her, like I did for Joseph.

After school closed, Joy got to see her classmates one more time when they presented a song item at their teacher's wedding on 30 November 2014. 

Three days after she walked out of TJC for the last time, Joy walked into her new primary school in her new school uniform looking very grown up. She's just completed her 13 days of orientation and I know she will be absolutely fine in this school. Just like in kindy, she tells me lots of things in detail. She knows the names (and surnames too!) of her classmates seated left, right, front and back of her. There are also 4 other children from children's church who are in her class and a few others from her kindy who are also in the same school so that's plenty of friends to start with. 

On her last day of orientation, she said that her teacher called out 11 good students to be rewarded for good behaviour. Needless to say she was one of the 9 girls and 2 boys who were rewarded. While she's still very much a banana, I'm pretty sure she will be fine once she gets used to the new environment.  

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