Monday, December 22, 2014

December travels

It's 3 days to Christmas and I've yet to put up my tree.
This Christmas, I've decided to leave my tree into be box and make do with a nativity scene on the piano (way out of Isaac's reach) instead. Last christmas, Isaac was 2 months old. He couldn't yet roll over and obediently stayed wherever I left him. This Christmas, Isaac is a walking, climbing, extremely adventurous toddler who loves to open (and empty!) cupboards and drawers. He also has an affinity for the toilet, dustbin and anything shiny. I just know that a Christmas tree in my living room will not stay intact for long. And when it comes tumbling down, I'm not sure if I will first save the kid or the tree. So in the box it will stay. 

Earlier this month, the Children's Church had an Out-of-the-Box Christmas party on 6 December 2014. A cast of almost 70 kids performed this musical that told the Christmas story with a fresh twist. 
 Wisemen dressed as cowboys, shepherds dressed as pirates and cheerleaders for angels!
 Joy got to do a solo part - her 10 seconds of fame!

Because of the many many practices (and rehersals that ended past 11pm!!) we didn't travel anywhere for the school holidays. That and Joy had her primary 1 orentation for 3 weeks. 

So after all that ended, we made a trip to Yong Peng for a Tan family get-together and to fetch Joseph back. He had been there since before school closed for the holidays.
The kids had a gala time with a pool in the garden!

While they splashed, the men started the BBQ fire.

We had a very very good dinner with quality meats including wagyu beef, scallops and bacon!

Most importantly it was a wonderful family time. (And I had plenty of babysitters to chase Isaac up and down the staircase!)

A few days after coming back from Yong Peng, we went to Ipoh (last weekend) for another round of the Out-of-the-Box musical, this time at Dreamcenter Ipoh.

During the drive there, our windscreen suffered a hit by a small stone resulting in a small crack.

Even with a smaller stage with different entrances and exits, and a smaller cast, the children adapted quickly and very well.

After the afternoon performance, we followed some friends to town for dinner at Tuck Kee.
two of us walloped the BIG plate of crunchy tauge. RM5.00 only. Great for bowel movement the next day!

their signature grilled octopus dish. 
We were fortunate to have arrived early because those arriving later than us had to wait over an hour for their food. While the food was good, the long wait and atmosphere makes this a non-kid-friendly place. The tables and chairs are placed ON-THE-ROAD itself. It's not even roadside. Cars drive past right next to the tables and chairs. I have this paranoia of some reckless driver crashing into people dining on the road. Thank God we got a table in the shop itself. 

We stayed at the YMCA itself (where Dreamcenter Ipoh is). I forgot to take pictures of the very basic but clean quad room that only cost us RM90 on a weekend night. They provide towels and soap and a thermos which you can use to get hot water from the dispenser downstairs. No fridge, no kettle. Bring your own coffee/tea. 

I was glad we stayed there because it was really convenient and there's ample parking. The next morning, we left YMCA at about 9am in search for dim sum breakfast. 

Anticipating a weekend crowd at the more famous places in town, we made our way to Ipoh Garden South instead. It was a choice between Tai Woo or Chooi Yue which are right opposite each other. I was told Chooi Yue is the better choice. But it's tables spill on to the road and even then you have to wait for tables. Tai Woo on the other hand is a more atas place with air-conditioning! So for the sake of the kids' comfort and my sanity, we went to Tai Woo.

We ordered their signature steamed custard buns and thousand layer steamed custard cake (which the girls loved!)
 The siew mai was also good as was the egg-wrapped glutinous rice and carrot cake. Joe at a lot!

chinese tea in atas-looking cup
That sums up our travelling for this year. It's more than enough for me at this point in time when keeping Isaac in his car seat is such a battle. On more than one occasion, he has cried till he vomitted and I had to wash the entire car seat! 

There will be more travels next year.... Cameron Highlands, Kota Kinabalu, Melbourne are on cards!

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