Sunday, October 06, 2013

Buffet Dinner at Vasco@KL Hilton

Since I'm gonna pop almost anytime soon and will most certainly be in confinement when our 11th Wedding Anniversary rolls by, we decided to utilize our complimentary dinner voucher for a pre-anniversary celebration. 

Utilizing the voucher at Vasco@KL Hilton is more worthwhile than Paya Serai@ PJ Hilton or Makan Kitchen@Doubletree by Hilton. Also because this place is newly renovated and I like new things.
Isabel is privileged to tag along because it's free for her!
I had heard bad reviews about the former-Sudu Restaurant so I tried not to have high expectations of this place in spite of its 5-star status.
Round 1 - healthy people start off with fruits.

Round 2 - pizza, bread with butter and apple,spinach and bacon pudding (pretty good!)
I may be pregnant but I still whack everything pregnant women are not supposed to eat... :-)
Round 3 - oysters, scallops, smoked salmon

Round 4 - butter prawns, chilli crab, tandoori chicken with briyani rice

Round 5 - octopus, salmon sashimi

Round 6 - selection of dessert 

crepes - made to order with your choice of filling
After all that, I also had 3 rounds teppanyaki ice-cream. They didn't have the conventional flavours. Instead it was a choice of mango, dates or coffee. I liked the dates flavoured ice-cream mixed with oreos and chocolate chips best. 

Now I wonder if I would put on any weight with all that eating. 

Because at my last check up..... I put on a mere 100g in a span of 2 weeks while baby grew by 400g!!! How is that possible???

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