Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Two, Three or more...? - preparing for no.4!

So more it is.

Actually we couldn't quite decide. After Isabel turned 1 year old, we prayed and committed it to God. If He would bless, we will be happy to receive. 

Isaac is due end of next month. 

Yup....just as Joy prophesied. I'm amazed at how God uses this girl. Even before I knew I was pregnant, she told me "there's a baby in your womb". And even when my gynae couldn't say for sure baby's gender, Joy had already named the baby Isaac. 

In fact, before I gave birth to Isabel about 2 years ago, Joy told me, "After you give birth to Isabel, rest a while...then you make Isaac".

So preparations are underway.... 
engineers at work to fix up a new chest of drawers for baby's clothes.
The kids enjoyed helping to fix up a chest of drawers we bought from Ikea. Joe was very good with the screwdriver and hammer. Joy was the 'store manager' helping to dish out parts and reading the manual. Isabel...well, she just busybodies around.

Thank God for this car seat which was actually given to me by a Korean missionary family that was going back to Korea and didn't want it anymore. At that time I didn't need it and didn't know what to do with it. So after sitting in my store room for over a year, it will be put to good use.

I've begun washing baby clothes. Some of these are about 15 years old and have been worn by about 10 babies. The pants (especially those with feet!!) are still good but the elastic are worn. So I had to change the elastic for quite a few of them. I don't bother with booties - too much trouble. 
this was Joe's full moon outfit over 8 years ago!

I've also sewn new crib sheets and matching curtains using an old duvet cover which is no longer used. Better than buying new fabric. 

We still need to move the baby cot (which now functions as a day bed) from the play area into the 2nd room, adjust the height and put back the side rail. I've still got some washing to do and my hospital bag to pack. 

Labour contingency plans have been made - depending on the time of day or night, we've made arrangements with some friends for babysitting. 

Ah Mah and Ah Kong will be coming to help with cooking while I'm in confinement though I doubt there'll be much of a confinement. Rest and sleep will be a real luxury with 4 kids. 

I'm now 35 weeks. Joseph's year-end exams are in the next 2 weeks and daaling's term ends just a few days before my due date. We pray baby will come at just the right time after Joseph's exam and daaling term ends and the school holidays are almost around the corner. 
There's only so much planning we can do... so we leave it to God, and trust that Isaac will arrive at the right time to complete our family and fulfill the promise God gave us almost 4 years ago. 

It's been an amazing faith-stretching journey ...a most blessed one!

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