Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Salmon & Pumpkin dinner

This is my usual dinner - a mountain of vege, some protein, minimal or no carbs. This is not a weight-loss strategy. It's a constipation remedy.

Daaling and the children love salmon which is usually supplied by AhKongAhMah. When I do buy it, I get it from Jaya Grocer where it's fresher than Giant/Jusco/Tesco. I buy the belly/bone parts which are only RM30 /kg instead of the boneless parts which are RM80/kg!! 

I've come to love cooking salmon and pumpkin together. After I pan fry the salmon, I use the residual oil to fry some dried prawns and then throw in the pumpkin and simmer till it softens. 

Joseph doesn't like pumpkin so I debone the cooked salmon and put it into pasta for him. He prefers cucumber for his vege. 
Joseph's salmon pasta (with white cream sauce)
I've learned that you shouldn't force kids to eat stuff they don't like. Always give them a choice. Instead of saying, "Eat your veggies because I say so!!!", I ask, "Would you like pumpkin or cucumber?"
can't wait to dig in
Daaling on the other hand doesn't fancy too much sauce. So it's just a drizzle of olive oil over the pasta for him plus the other stuff.
Daaling's dinner
The girls on the other hand are still on oats porridge. So when I cut up the pumpkin, I have to put aside a small portion which I steam with some potato then blend with some salmon and add to oats. Joy will eat salmon topped on her porridge.
See how many 'variety' I have to prepare for just one meal.


  1. pumpkin and cucumber are fruits.
    if it has seeds, it's a fruit. not vege.

  2. It's still grouped under 保持健康。 and also 帮助pang sai! Haha!