Friday, June 14, 2013

Joy's first kindy assessment

Tomorrow is Joy's first parent-teacher day and I won't be there. So I had a chat with her class teacher today.

Teacher Mary had only lots of good things to say about Joy...

1. She expressed surprise that Joy can read and asked if I teach her at home. Of course I didn't.

2. Joy is very mature and helps her friends who are not as fast as her. As such, teacher made her the class monitor.

3. Teacher asked if I did revision with Joy because only she and another girl got it all correct for their assessment. I had to admit that I did not and in fact did not know they had the assessment until it was over!

I take no credit for her model student behavior and I have to say that no.2 in school is so different from no.1 going to school.

No.1 can sit at the same table with another kid for a whole year and not know his name.
No.2 knows the names of all her classmates. Not only that, she knows there are 17 kids in her class, and she recognizes their parents and vehicles. She also knows the names of teachers who don't teach her and even the helper/cleaner aunty.
No.1 hates homework. Until now I have to nag him daily to check his homework and pack his bag. No.2 will do homework on her own initiative and pack her own bag. She even does no.1's homework when it involves coloring.
I must however commend no.1's managerial skills. He works smart. Like when homework calls for him to colour sections of a shape to show a given fraction, he will mark the portions and then get no.2 to do the coloring because coloring is too boring and a waste of time.
With no.1 and no.2 so different I wonder what no.3 and no.4 will be like.
From birth, they wear the same clothes, suck the same breast, sleep in the same cot, drink the same milk. We rock them the same way, sing the same songs, say the same prayer, teach the same stuff.
Yet they are so different. Thank God they are. Makes parenting so much more fun!
I realize that there's only so much we as parents can do. How they turn out is quite beyond our control. Which is why it is so important to build a strong spiritual foundation during their formative years. For this reason we choose children's church over a myriad of other possible activities on Saturdays. Skills like playing a musical instrument, ballet, art, etc can be learnt any time, even at 40. But once these formative years are lost, they are lost forever.
Joy recently went on stage for the first time with the worship team

We hope and pray that with the right foundation, they will grow to love the Lord all the days of their lives

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