Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pants + Skirts = ???

I have several pairs of very nice and comfy Gymboree leggings which Joy outgrew sometime back. These were hand-me-downs from their 2nd cousin in USA.

While the pants are still in good condition (and oh-so-comfy because they are well washed and worn), the elastic has worn out and they are a real pain to unpick. On the other hand, I had a few hand-me-down short skirts which I find too unpractical for wearing with just panties underneath. So I combined the pants and skirts.

Simply snipped off the old pants elastic and sewed it to the skirts. Now Isabel can wear pants that have cute skirts attached to them!


  1. Nice work you did there... but just curious, you don't follow any pantang about not sewing and using scissors at this stage?

    1. I don't pantang anything at anytime. :-)