Friday, May 06, 2011

Sofas are not for sitting

When we bought this promised land, it came quite fully-furnished. But I was thinking of changing the sofa set. I'm quite glad now that I didn't...
one of those rare times when she sits like a lady

I don't know if it's a universal thing with children or just unique to mine but they have this inability to actually put their rear ends on the sofa for a decent amount of time.

They prefer instead to climb and jump and imagine it's some high cliff that they have to climb over to escape the great white shark swimming below. Or imagine she's humpty dumpty sitting on the wall...
I guess I shouldn't curb their imaginative play which is why I'm glad it's not a brand new and NOT WHITE sofa.

They can jump all they want until they grow out of this phase and I don't have to get stressed out and scream at them everyday to sit down and stop jumping.
coz I didn't buy it!!!


  1. my kids love to do all sorts of things on our BRAND NEW WHITE sofa which is thankfully still looking whitish.....

  2. In your position....I would have serious hypertension everyday!!!

  3. i usually pretend i don't see ALL their antics..... it helps bring the blood pressure down. LOL!
    oh i have leather cleaner wipes to help keep the sofa maintain its color.