Thursday, May 19, 2011

busy updates

I know, I know....I've been rather inactive with blogging lately. Busy is the usual excuse.

In fact, I just realized my desktop calendar is still at April when we're more than halfway through May.

thank you YeeTeow for the pretty PINK Timberland sandals!

All's well though.... and the children have been good. Joseph's appetite has been exceptionally good lately and he hasn't had any antibiotics so far this year. His latest 'thing' is to practice holding his breath underwater while he swims the diameter of the baby pool.
Joy is blossoming and all ready to be a big sister. She's very motherly to her brood of 'babies' i.e. Boots, Angelina (her little bear) and baby Jaguar.

Sometimes, she's too mature. She says things like, "You shee shee....I also have to shee shee ah? See...I told you I have no urine!"

And her latest thing.... refusing her afternoon naps yet having energy to keep going till 10pm!!!


  1. Joy not only sounds mature but looks the part too! You will have a good helper when no.3 pops out!

  2. Big sister? Time for #3 liao? Or is he/she already on the way, judging from HW's comment above?