Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Mini Lantern Parade

Last night being the mid-autumn festival, we brought the kids down to the poolside for a mini lantern parade last night. I'm not the kind who observes these traditions and not crazy about mooncakes (except in particular the 5-nut variety that my mother-in-law makes) so it was just all for fun for the kids.

I did ask them if they knew what the lanterns were all about and to my surprise, Joy told me, "when the moon come out then we all carry lanterns and walk walk walk.... like Kai Lan!!!"

So thanks to Kai Lan (Lan should be prounounced with the eh sound as in apple and not ah sound) they were pretty excited about having their own lantern parade.

The moon was very big and round and bright!
I had to take the shots without the flash to see the moon. But children naturally have this inability to hold still so most of the shots came out blur.

Evan and Marissa joined us in the lantern parade. I think they were all quite happy to have company. The more the merrier!

After sometime, the candle in Nana's paper candle burnt to the bottom and burnt the lantern itself as well.

I tried blowing out the flame but it was too big and my very cautious son started to panic and almost wanted to call the fire brigade.

I'm quite glad I bought the lanterns even though I didn't intend to earlier.

The blue dinosaur one was a last display model so the guy kindly discounted it for me from RM6.90 to RM4.50.

And the little pink fish lantern cost RM3.80.
So they walked round and round and round the pool and I kept having to replace candles and relighting the flame.
But they had fun, and slept very quickly and soundly last night!


  1. Both Evan & Marissa had fun too - thanks for lighting their lanterns!

  2. Irene - I see you don't watch Nick Jr channel 612 on Astro.
    it's a show la. quite educational I would say. teach mandarin, talks about feelings, saying sorry etc.