Saturday, September 25, 2010

Frame for Joe's Class Photo

Joe brought home his class photo taken some time earlier. It costs RM6.00. I asked his teacher why it's so expensive when I can get a 5R photo printed for just RM0.50 at eoe online store. She replied that they engage a professional photographer who is familiar with taking class photos. So they have to factor in the professional fee and also for all the touch up.

Joe told me, "Next time you go out to pak tho, please buy a photo frame of this size for my photo."

Nana suggested we make one instead. So I found a box that I was going to throw out, which was an exact fit. It even had a window that was the perfect size for the photo.

So I cut out the sides of the box, folded it in and glued the back flat against the front. Added some ribbons to the top and bottom and stuck on some stickers.

He's quite happy.
And as I anticipated, he stood at the back so it didn't matter whether he wore white shoes (as instructed by the kindy), black shoes or no shoes!

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  1. Ah, I love this! And it is true, been buying shoes upon school's instruction, but never really needed it!