Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another battle won

Joy has just recovered from another round of a battle with a nasty virus. Her voice started to turn hoarse exactly a week ago last Tuesday and then she started having a runny nose and fever on Friday morning. The last few days have been rather messy since my children have the tendency to puke when they cough.

Experience is the best teacher. We walked around with the chui kong and empty ice-cream boxes are strategically placed all over the home.

In spite of the many battles, she has grown - a LOT!

On Saturday morning, she threw up some gross-looking yellow stuff which I later learned to be stomach acid.
We took her to see Dr Ling Shih Gang (all the way in USJ) because I knew that if we were to go to Dr Koe's, it would be a whole morning spent there and we could not afford that time.

She weighed in at 17kg (95cm tall) at the paed's and Dr Ling said that she grew 4.5kg in the past one year (based on past records, she weighed 12.5kg a year ago) and that was A LOT! But he said she didn't look fat so it's all good.

Last night was the first fever-free night after a few nights of having to wake up to feed her medicine and sponge her.

This princess has grown a LOT not just physically but in every other aspect as well. Even while sick, she exasperates me!

The night before, she gave me a whole lot of nonsense from 1.30 - 4.00am!

I was awoken by her laboured breathing and felt she was feverish. When I asked her if she wanted her medicine through her "mouth or buttock???" she said, "MOUTH!!!!"

So she obediently took the medicine herself (this round - no more crying and fighting), from the little cup, like how we take Holy Communion. I then sponged her for about half an hour till she felt not-so-hot. When I tried to go back to sleep, she started to climb on top of me, clap her hands, sing some songs, make funny faces, turn upside down, pull my pants and in her words, "bla bla bla" - a phrase she learnt from Veggietales' The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Movie.

For the next hour or so, I tried to ignore her. But she persisted...

Mama, can you geli my leg.
Mama, I want to go outside.
Mama, I want water.
Mama, I want some more water.
Mama, can you put lotion here.
Mama, scratch her.
Mama, I want to shee shee.
Mama, can you check my temperature.
Mama, another ear.
Mama, can you sponge me.

Then when I was totally exasperated, she hugged my arm while sniffing it and went, "Hmmmm......"


  1. Wahh, looks like you had a tough time. Kids sick, mother have to be strong.

  2. wei, that yellow stuff is gross.

    but glad that Joy is all well. she's a strong girl.. and good to hear that she's growing so well & healthily.

    haha. i can totally empathize with you on the "nonsense" part.. rachel does that to me..totally exasperates me too!

  3. Good that she has recovered. By the way, where is this Dr Ling? I stay in USJ but never know about this doctor. Is he good?

  4. Dr Ling's clinic is Klinik Pakar Kanak-kanak Little Ones.
    5 Jalan USJ9/3F.
    I like him coz he's very gentle, takes all your questions patiently and explains thoroughly.

    My only grouse is that he's so far from where I live. If you want opening hours and phone number, let me know.

  5. oh and he twists balloons (like clowns!!!) for the children too!

  6. oh i know which one... i sent Jovie there once when she was much younger... and he said he suspected her got dengue... since then, never seen him liao.... his clinic very near to our current house. next to a mamak one rite?
    should tell me u were here, then u can come to my house to choose the clothing :)

  7. ah yes....one side mamak, i think the other side is pizza hut. and a few doors away also got 7eleven.

    I didn't realize your house so near. But we were rushing home, to go to church. Another time la.