Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Going crazy yet

I think I'm on the verge of insanity. Lack of sleep....or broken sleep can make a person crazy. Certainly if that person is me.
Joseph has not been very well these past couple of days. He's been coughing and having a runny nose. In fact, 2 nights ago, he choked on his saliva and phelgm in his sleep and suddenly woke up and vomitted. My motherly instinct quickly carried him to the edge of the bed and shouted for Edwin to bring the potty, saving the bed from being soaked in smelly vomit.
Last night, he didn't want to eat dinner. So I asked him if he would like to eat medicine or go straight to bed. He chose the latter and was asleep by 7.30pm.
After patting him to sleep, I fed Joy-Anne and she then fell asleep at 8pm plus. My mum carried her while I went to eat dinner, wash bottles, do some chores and bathe.
I fed her again at 11.30pm. She fell asleep at about 12.15am. At 1.30am, she woke again to feed. After feeding, I put her in her cot at about 2am. At 3.40am, she woke...again! So I fed her again and put her down at 4.15am. At 4.50am, she woke yet again!!!
Gosh...she can't possibly be hungry again so soon. So I picked her up and started to rock her back to sleep. At first she kept quiet. But soon she started to peck at my shoulder and hunt for my breast. Unable to pacify her, I fed her again at 5.15am. After feeding, she refuses to go back to sleep. Instead she regurgitates and soaks her shirt and hair. I change her and leave her in the cot while I lie down on my bed. She's not happy....and starts to cry. At this point my mom is awake and she rocks Joy-Anne. She finally sleeps again at 6am.
By now, Joseph is awaken by all the crying.
me : Do you want to shee shee? (while trying to pat him back to sleep)
Joe : Well, no thanks.
me : You want some water?
Joe : No thanks. I think I need nen nen.
So I got up to go to the kitchen. Joe climbs on my back to piggy-back and says, "I think I need to come with you".
Back in the room with the bottle of milk, he picks out the "Little Red Hen" book and lies down to drink his milk. (He has never held his own bottle. He holds the book. I hold the bottle.) After he finishes his milk, he wants me to read the book.
So at 6.40am, I find myself reading the Little Red Hen to Joe. When we're done, he's now fully awake and doesn't want to go back to sleep. Thankfully his dad is now awake and at my prompting, takes Joe down for a walk to get some fresh air and see the sun rise.
Another day dawns...

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