Tuesday, April 15, 2008

friendship for keeps

Two Sundays ago, we had a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch with some friends. Lazy to go out mah... so we tar-pau-ed and had them come over.

Adeline, Yvonne and I go a long way back to when I first moved to Penang and joined them in MGS Primary. This is us in the choir club in Form 5.

At FES Conference during our university days.

Adeline and I each had a son in April 2005. Joseph and Nathaniel were born 2 days apart.

Yvonne had a daughter a year later in April 2006.
April babies...

Last year, Adeline and I found ourselves pregnant again. Abigail and Joy-Anne were both born in January 2008, 11 days apart.

It's amazing how we've 'multiplied'. This is us now...

And our husbands...

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