Friday, August 01, 2014

Visiting Ah Mah in Kuantan

I have one surviving grandparent - my paternal grandmother. She will be 90 years old come January 2015. We've never been particularly close because we only usually visited Kuantan once a year during Chinese New Year. 

at my wedding in 2002
When she moved to Penang to stay with my parents, I had already moved to PJ for university and subsequently settled here.

I last saw her in January this year when we visited her at my aunt's house in Kuantan. She had already aged a lot since the previous time I saw her which was last year. In February this year, she moved into a nursing home. We took advantage of the Raya break to make a trip to Kuantan to visit her again and what I saw shocked me beyond words. 

I could not recognize her. For a moment, I wondered if we were in the correct room. She's all skin and bones!! 

Living in the nursing home (even though a very nice and good one) must have made her very depressed. She eats very little and speaks in a very soft frail voice. I had to put my ear almost right to her mouth to hear her. 

We took her out for dinner at Mexica Garden Seafood Restaurant. I chose this place based on a friend's recommendation and reading food blogs. It is located just across the street from where we stayed (MS Garden Hotel), pretty near the nursing home and easily accessible (huge parking lot right in front of the restaurant).

Much to our delight, the restaurant owner, Doris, recognized my grandma as her long time friend and promptly ushered us to a private dining room. With her recommendation of their house specialties, we had a very sumptuous meal indeed!
These steamed buns each came with a generous piece of sweet sour fish fillet which was crispy on the outside and very tender and juicy on the inside. RM4.00 a piece.
steamed buns with crispy sweet sour fish fillet 

marmite chicken
Another house specialty is the salted egg yolk friend pumpkin. It was very delicious and only RM25 for a huge plate.
salted egg yolk fried pumpkin

home made beancurd with mushrooms and mixed vege

Our entourage of 6 adults and 7 kids stayed a night at MS Garden Hotel in 2 Family Quad rooms (one King and one Queen bed or 4 single beds). The kids enjoyed jumping on the beds and splashing in the tubs.

The next day we visited Ah Mah in the nursing home again. We spent some time singing her favourite hymns and praying for her. She looked happier and could lift her hands to worship.

We took a family photo with her and I dug out one taken just 4 years ago.
While we have multiplied, she has aged so much.

I came home and looked back on some old photographs and I'm thankful for the times I had to take her shopping and buy her favourite foods. 

Life is short.
Time flies.
Children grow.
People age.
Nothing lasts forever but the Word of God and our souls.

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