Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two, three or more : Isaac is 10 months old.

After the sixth month mark, time seems to move faster....
I need coffee...

The early months of endless crying and long marathon night feeds seem a distant past now even though it's been barely a year. He's still not sleeping through the night....suckling more for comfort than hunger.

Isaac is 10 months old and I'm looking forward to celebrating his first birthday!

He's cruising and cries in protest as soon as he's let down into the playpen. He wants to explore the house and there's no stopping him now that he's discovered the play area and the slide. He has already climbed up the slide and up the two steps to my platform bed....all by himself!

Feeding has improved. This past week especially has been good. I can feed Isabel and Isaac simultaneously and they both finish their meal in half an hour.

Mothering 4 kids almost full time with no domestic help is tiring but rewarding. My days are crazy busy and everyday feels like a marathon. 

When I go out to work on Saturdays, there is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as I drive home. I'm nicely dressed (well, nicer than the other six days of the week) and I can quantify my achievement for the day. There's a figure to how many patients I treated and how much money I earned.

When I'm a SAHM, it's just cook, feed, clean, cook, feed, clean, cook, feed, clean...

At the end of the day everything is just poo, pee and the occasional puke. There's no tangible accomplishment.Unless you count the number of diapers in the bin. 

Some days I get really frustrated because at the end of the feels like I didn't get anything done. Then I look at my four babies sleeping peacefully and I thank God for the beautiful blessings I have.
After 10 months, our combined weight is still 56 kg....the same as just before I delivered him.
I'm thankful ... be present when they wake and when they go to bed. be the one who feeds them, bathe them and wash their bottoms. be the one who teaches them ABCs and 123 be the one they run to when they hurt themselves. be the one who sings and dances with them and plays with them. rock them to sleep and whisper "mummy loves you" in their ear.

It's a very tough job. Way harder than my paid job.
But a most blessed job!

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