Friday, June 13, 2014

OMF Bungalow - another family holiday

We made another trip to one of my favourite holiday spots...

OMF Bungalow, Cameron Highlands and Pangkor Laut Resort are my 2 favourite local holiday spots. Unfortunately getting to both places involve a much-dreaded journey. 
the boys in action as soon as we arrived!
This very very old yet well-maintained and charming bungalow in a very secluded hilltop location is the perfect place for rest and relaxation. It is open to missionaries and christian groups.

Our family of 13 arrived in 2 MPVs and the kids immediately ran out to play. Fresh cool air filled my lungs right to the bronchioles....refreshing! 

In the evening after dinner (I forgot to take photo of our first meal), the girls were busy playing and Joy started on her Rainbow Loom...

...while the boys were introduced to carrom.

Every morning there is freshly-homebaked bread for breakfast. Mrs Chye, the caretaker also makes her own strawberry jam. Very fresh and not too sweet. 

After breakfast on the second day we relaxed around...
relaxing in the living room

pretty like flowers

our family just gets bigger each time we make another trip here
...and then we went out to Kasimanis Strawberry Farm just for the kids to look around. There's really nothing much but Cameron Highlands is synonymous with strawberries so we have to bring them here.

We also did the customary tea plantation visit.

Isaac is getting really heavy... and this 9-year-old sling is so well-used.
Back to the bungalow we went and before lunch, the kids played badminton again.
stick insect for lunch?
I love the food here....Mrs Chye is an excellent cook! Meals are usually 4 dishes - 3 vege and 1 meat. I ate a mountain of vegetables at every meal. No rice.

so cool to play outdoors....even if it's iPad.
In the evening on the second day, we had a bonus from Mrs Chye (did I mention she's really nice?) - scones!!!

more badminton

Second day dinner was western style...spaghetti with a huge plate of salad and pumpkin.

my mountain of spaghetti.
I forgot to take pictures of our bedroom and the bathroom so this is the closest thing....
sibling love
I've always been lucky to get one of the only 3 rooms with attached bathrooms. Rooms 5 and 6 are the best in my opinion because they are huge, have attached bathrooms and are located right next to the dining hall. I got Room 5 this round and it had a queen-sized bed and 2 single beds. 

swings, see-saw and slide in the compound


Two nights is really too short for such a lovely place. I would love to stay longer.

last meal before leaving...more vegetables with sweet sour kerabu fish fillet
It costs RM95 per Malaysian adult per night. Kids aged 2-6 cost RM35 while kids aged 7-12 cost RM65 per night. These rates include 3 main meals. Towels, basic toiletries, toilet paper and hair dryer are provided. Coffee/tea/milo are provided, DIY anytime of the day or night. 

I hope to go again next year... but with the same number of kids :-)


  1. pangkor laut resort is one of my favorites too! but you're right, the long journey puts us off.. wish they would have direct flights from pg straight to the island!
    and OMF bungalow...such a beautiful place, the last time we went was with my family before the kids came, since now it's open for bookings again, we might plan a trip there again! yippee!

    1. That long ago? I think Irene was still the caretaker then, ya?

    2. yup that time Irene was still the caretaker.. :)