Thursday, June 19, 2014

Buffet Breakfast at Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

We did something really crazy last week...

Just for the fun of eating, we woke the kids up early to drive downtown for a BIG buffet breakfast!

Lemon Garden Cafe @ Shangri-La KL supposedly serves the best buffet breakfast in town and it did not disappoint. The spread was really extensive and it was impossible to eat everything.
a healthy start
I naturally started with some fruits.....choices include dragon fruit, jackfruit and pomelo besides the usual honeydew, papaya, pineapple and watermelon (very bright red and not at all anaemic-looking.)

Thereafter I checked out the chinese section for some smoked duck porridge with condiments, siew mai, egg tart and prawn fritters.

Joy was so happy to have oatmeal! I'm glad to report that she also ate roti canai, 2 pancakes with honey, a waffle, a doughnut, yoghurt, butter, watermelon and drank milk with chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

Yup! You read that right. Chocolate fountain for breakfast!!!??!?!
In fact, it was TWO chocolate fountains - dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

muffins, doughbuts, croissants, cakes, cookies
My next round was some mamak mee goreng with lamb masala, smoked salmon, sauteed mushrooms, meatballs and otak-otak.

Isabel was given a doodle sheet and a set of colour pencils that had a sharpener on the cover. Cute and thoughtful.
I missed some photos of other stuff I ate because the kids kept me busy. But I did have 2 servings of this...
waffle with chocolate sauce and fresh berries and chocolate croissant.
The waffles were good. Made on the spot so it was warm and crispy!

very chewy chocolate chip cookie, blueberry muffin, mango smoothie and strawberry custard croissant
We had my nephew with us and he was a very good babysitter. Joseph was especially glad to have his company.

few types of yogurt, variety of honey, fruits and juices

fruits and yogurt to end the meal
I was so full that I skipped lunch and dinner. Eating like a camel's really bad actually.

the (lemon??) garden where we had breakfast
After we finished eating, we got home just n time for my nephew to grab his bag and go to the airport to catch his flight back to Singapore.
saying goodbye to Daniel kor kor
Thanks to AhKongAhMah's Shangri-La gift vouchers, we paid only RM106 for 3 adults and 2 kids. The full rate is RM66++ per adult and half price for kids aged 6-12.

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