Thursday, March 06, 2014

Old Siam @ 1 Utama and free toothbrushes

I'm always on the look out for a good deals so Groupon and LivingSocial are 2 of my favourite sites especially for dining vouchers. When looking for these, I always read the fine print and go for those that do not require prior reservation and have little restrictions.
We dined at Old Siam Kitchen @ 1 Utama (LG new wing) yesterday. It was a last minute decision the day before. I needed to bring Joy into clinic to put in a filling for her tooth and while I had initially thought I would go alone with Joy, Daaling suggested we all go and then pop over to 1 Utama to kai kai.
So I quickly browsed for vouchers and we decided to try Old Siam. It was a good decision. We bought four pieces of RM20 vouchers for RM9 each. The place is clean and simple with reasonably-priced delicious food.
Belacan Fried Rice - love the presentation.

coconut milkshake

Thai Laksa with Fish curry.
It's a non-halal place. I believe the vouchers are still available for purchase for a few days. We're going back for another round to try more of the pork dishes.
After dinner, we headed to Aeon to get some groceries. As we passed the center court (old wing), Colgate was promoting their new sugar-neutralizing toothpaste by giving out FREE COTTON CANDY! I went up to the promoter and asked, "Why is Colgate giving out cotton candy????" and they explained about their new product.
So the idea is that you brush your teeth with their sugar-neutralizing toothpaste after eating sugary stuff and you have no worries about cavities. Yippee!
I allowed the kids to have their rare sugar fix...

And right there and then they brushed their teeth with the free toothbrushes that Colgate gave for us to try with their new toothpaste.
So we came home with 5 new toothbrushes....hee hee!


  1. How can we be sure it's sugar-neutralizing? If one has to brush one's teeth immediately eating after sugary stuff, then isn't it the same as just brushing one's teeth with ANY toothpaste at all? Another point is, what is Colgate trying to say... that it's OK to give sugar to kids? That's detrimental for health! *shake head* bad promo - brand manager should look into this.

    1. I'd rather not comment on Colgate and toothpaste since I've not had a chance to read about its biochemistry. But since I'll never buy cotton candy and here they can brush right after eating... Might as well. Better they eat in front of me and then brush than secretly eat behind my back and get caries.