Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bling bling organizer

If you have a girly girl like my girl, chances are you have lots of hair bands, hair clips, necklaces, bracelets and earrings stuffed into containers, drawers, bags and hanging here and there.

I had been thinking of how to keep everything organized in an easy-to-see and easily accessible manner. How do you keep all those necklaces so that you don't have to spend 10 minutes untangling the whole bunch each time you want one? What about the many many hair bands? And earrings... How do you keep the neatly in pairs?

After googling for ideas, I finally came up with this....Ta daa!!!

I dare guarrantee there's nothing like it in the shops. Finally....something that will fit ALL the stuff my daughter has.

I used an Ikea picture frame without the plastic layer (because it served no purpose and would only add extra weight to the whole thing). Looking around the house and thinking of what to use for hooks, I found an old bathroom rail. It had suction cups at both ends but they were useless as the rail kept falling off the wall (and annoying me!!) so I pulled out the end pieces and had a hollow rod with hooks. I added a few more hooks (from Ikea too) that somehow was a perfect fit, then strung a ribbon through the rod and tied it to the wooden frame.

Then I wrapped the cardboard with a pink wrapper (reuse wrapping from gifts. Did I mention I hardly throw away stuff because they come in useful later?) and tied a ribbon around it in a grid-like fashion.  It's one long piece. I didn't cut it at the back.

I twisted one of those wire thingy that's for filing papers into what you see below for dangling earrings...

For her rings, I cut a portion of an egg carton, poked 2 holes and used a pipe cleaner to secure it to the ribbon grid.

Princess is thrilled!!!

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