Monday, April 29, 2013

8 years of motherhood

**This post has been in my drafts folder for the past 2 weeks! I have to get it out before May greets us.

My eldest celebrated his 8th birthday on 14th April 2013. I've been a mother for 8 years!

We had a 'bad piggies in Dino World'-themed party for him.

There were about a dozen 'dinos' stomping around my apt, trying to pop other dino's eggs...

The Cherry on the Cake baked a really lovely and delicious chocolate mud cake for Joseph.

I catered from Luscious Treats again.

Absolutely love the lamb meatballs with mint yoghurt sauce!

birthday boy was very happy with his presents!

Blessed (belated) Birthday Joseph! We pray you will grow up to be an obedient son, a loving brother and most important of all...a man after God's own heart!
praying for Joseph

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  1. don't worry i have posts sitting in my drafts folder for more than a year already!! just havent had the time to blog anymore... :S

    anyway, blessed belated birthday to Joseph. such a big boy already.. :)
    and nice cake too!

    how did you make those dinosaurs?