Friday, March 29, 2013

Life these days

It's the end of March already?
I'm starting to really slack at this blogging thing.
But can't blame me. It's almost impossible to find the time to put two hands to the computer.

It's been over 4 months since we have on our own. No mother, no maid. I'm a full-time-mummy-part-time-dentist. My unpaid job 6 days of the week includes (but not limited to)...
Washing dishes
Washing the sinks
Cleaning the stove
Vacuum/wipe floors
Clean fans
Wash toilets
Change bedsheets
Laundry (hang, keep, fold, iron)
Chauffeur kids to/from school
Feed Isabel
Wash Isabel
Make Isabel sleep
Prepare kids recess snack daily
Check Joseph's homework
We have more or less settled into a comfortable routine with busy mornings and quiet afternoons. After the older 2 go to school, I put Isabel to nap and get some rest myself before preparing dinner.
It helps that I have a very hands-on husband who has no qualms with housework.
On Saturdays, Daaling turns into superdad to take care of all 3 while I work in the clinic. Even when he is on duty to lead worship at Children's Church, he times Isabel's nap such that he rocks her to sleep just before he goes on stage and she sleeps through the worship in the stroller.
This past week is a lot more relaxing. With the school holidays, there's no need to rush to pack them off to school. We sent Joseph down south to his cousin's place for almost the whole week. I can only imagine the fun he had because he now wants to spend the entire month of December there! 

Kids really do grow up so fast. I'm still trying to get used to Joseph's increasing independence. We will be sending him to his first Scripture Union camp during the next school holidays. It's a 4D3N camp. Although not his first time away from home, it will be his first time away with no adult relatives. Oh least he will have his cousin and some friends.
In the mean time, I still have my princesses to cling to me. Cherish it while it lasts!

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