Saturday, March 17, 2012

Holiday fun in Yong Peng

It's been a lovely simple school holiday with one theme - spending time with family and friends!

On Monday, I took 3 kids to Ikea. They older 2 had a good time practicing spiderman skills in Smaland while I went shopping and bought 6 pairs of pants for the girls (it was only RM9 each at Brands Outlet).

Tuesday - they went to Evan and Marissa's house for a playdate while I went to work.

Wednesday - they went to Nat and Abby's house for a playdate while I went to work.

On both days, they didn't want to go home!

Thursday morning - Joseph had an extra swimming lesson. (I'm glad to say he's progressing well and can do the freestyle pretty well now.)

Thursday evening - we drove down to Yong Peng, making THREE toilet stops along the way because they wouldn't all pee at the same time!

I think the kids just love having playmates of about the same age. We leave them to play until they decide they want to sleep.

Saturday morning - they made a visit to the goat farm.
Joseph happily fed the goats while Joy whined about wanting to go home.
Goat milk ice-cream is 'the' thing to tar pau. Not cheap though - RM29 for 3 tubs....packaged to look 'atas' like Haagen Dazs.

Joy thought Isabel would like some too so she had like a drop of ice cream to taste.

What I like about the 'kampung' is doing stuff that we can't while in PJ.
Here we cycle on the roads in the housing area whereas in PJ, we cycle in the tennis court when nobody is playing.
Next holiday....we're planning to rock the island!


  1. what about goat/mutton curry? for BEFORE the goat milk ice-cream.

  2. book yr hotel on the island already? whn coming?

  3. Has it already been four months? Isabel riding with all of you is so cute !