Tuesday, March 06, 2012

65 years young

We threw a surprise party for Nana last Friday! Well at least it was intended to be a surprise. But my very honest kids kinda let the cat out of the bag. Nevertheless, it was still a night of surprises as the guests arrived one by one because she had no idea I invited many of her good long-time-no-see friends.

Hui-Wearn kindly baked a very nice, yummy two-tiered butter cake with white chocolate ganache and raspberries.
I catered from Luscious Treats again. This time we had shepherd's pie, chicken lasagne, lamb meatballs with minty yoghurt sauce, mashed potatoes, banana crumble, peach trifle and carrot cake with cream cheese.

I also ordered yam cake, seri muka and peanut mochi from Aroma Nyonya. Joseph loves their yam cake!
After dinner, Joseph recited Psalm100 followed by a short time of worship. Then Ah Ku did a magic show and finally Joy did a dance!
I could tell Nana was delighted beyond words.
I thank God Nana doesn't look (nor act) her age. Serving in Children's Church keeps her youthful.
And I pray God will bless her with many more years of good health and strength!

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