Sunday, August 07, 2011

A Week with the iPad2

It's been just over a week since we've had the iPad2.... While I initially perceived it to be a very expensive toy for the sole purpose of entertainment synonymous with Angry Birds, I now find this is not actually the case.

It can be as educational a tool or as useless a 'toy' as you allow it to be.

I've installed educational apps for Joy-Anne's homeschooling, as well as games that Joe finds fun yet requires some brainwork.

Joy does rhyming with Dora, colours with Barney as well as math, geometry, phonics and chinese.

Joseph has more difficult apps but he tends to play more games. I have to enforce a minute-for-minute rule for him. One minute of learning earns one minute of game.

And every night.....the iPay plays Angry Bird and other games on it.


  1. Lol! Tell me about it. At home now, nobody can have the iPad for more than 10mins. That's how long it takes for Babt\y Xin to figure out who has the iPad and then, launch an attack to take over. She's already figured out the Slide to Unlock skill.