Friday, September 23, 2011

Princess Growing Up

My princess is growing up too quickly!

Last week she finally asked for ballet lessons. So I brought her for a trial today.

She absolutely loved it and spontaneously thanked me for bringing her to ballet class. The teacher couldn't quite believe she is only 3 years (plus). I guess we will enroll her until her interest wanes.

Her precocious vocabulary includes big words (used in correct context) like ...








and not forgetting essential words like sexy and skype.

She speaks a smattering of spanish, saying Buenos días instead of Good Morning and takes to mandarin more eagerly than her kor kor because she says, "I'm a chinese girl!" unlike her brother who says that he is an English boy.

Her bladder control is way better than mine as a child. She rid herself of daytime diapers at 24 months and night time diapers since she turned 3 yrs. My mum says I wet the bed till I was 4plus.

And her latest phrase that tickles me..... "Wa bo pui....wa tu tu ho!" (I'm not fat....I'm just nice!)


  1. i thot Joy would have asked for ballet lessons much earlier since she was exposed to Angelina Ballerina, tutus etc. next class can wear ballet shoes and tutu already? :)

  2. I was just waiting till she asked...

  3. haha. i know what u mean, both my kids are growing up too quickly too! sigh.

    mannivannan - as in the Indian actor?? :P

    mammenchisaurus - she must have learned this from her brother! :-)

    glad to see she's enjoying the ballet class. Rachel did ask me before but I told her to wait..since she didnt pursue it, i also kept quiet la.. :D

  4. Not Indian actor la.... Or zone pastor's last name.

  5. Haha... guess you finally relented! Thought you and Edwin were not into putting your kids into extra classes and curriculum? But it's good to let them expose to whatever they fancy (or even some that we parents find essential) of course within reasonable means! I'm glad I didn't put Vic in drum class coz already she's so busy with the homework, piano and Chinese.

  6. I was wondering what mannivannan was. And I don't even know mammenchisaurus!

  7. Wow! I finally managed to post a comment! I've not been able to comment for the past 2-3 months, dunno why. Today thought I'd try with Chrome instead of IE and walah, it worked :-)