Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend up north

We had a long weekend in Penang. It's been a long while since we last went back. This time, we hopped on a plane. Joe had a good time. Just before getting on the plane, Joe enjoyed looking at all the planes and helicopters at Subang airport. On the plane.....this is my least-fat-looking photo this year. In Penang, there was no bath tub for Joy-Anne. We used a basin for her bath. She didn't seem to mind.
Story-telling at bed time. Joy-Anne wanted to eat the books.
She also started to almost want to crawl. She has so far succeeded in squirming all over the place and even off the mattress and on to the floor....twice.
And she started babbling as well. Trying really hard to talk...

On one afternoon, I loaned her Joe's Barney bolster and left her on the mattress, hugging the bolster. Two minutes later I came back and found her like this.....
So cheeky!

And my Joseph....he ate the potty! Actually we didn't bring his potty back. This potty belongs to his great-grandmother. When we told him it's Ah Chor's potty, he said, "But Ah Chor is so big. How is Ah Chor going to fit inside?"
Here he's laughing hysterically after he ate the potty.

Ahh....I have very amusing kids. Thank God for them!

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