Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A mother's heartache

Leaving the house for work each day I have to work is a heartache. Especially when Joe puts his arms around me and says, "Mama...don't go to work. Stay at home." He did it again this morning.
I hug and kiss him tight. And then when he's distracted with Mickey Mouse, I sneak out of the house. It's a horrible thing to do. I wish I didn't have to work.
Which is why I don't quite understand why some people who don't work choose to send their young kids to school instead of enjoying them. I know of 2 mothers who can afford to not work, and thus do not work. Yet they send their only child to pre-school before they are even 3 years old. I wonder what they do at home?
If I had that luxury, I'd spend more time with my kid doing fun stuff like going to Kizsports, Tumble Tots, Music&Movement classes, swimming, etc. After all they are only so young for such a short time and pretty soon, they'll grow more and more independent of us.


  1. hi... i send my girl to playschool for half a day (830-12noon) mainly so that she can mingle ard, learn something and jst enjoy herself. no kiasuness here, but jst want her to have a different environment and learn some independence, whereas for me, it's a much needed break to run some quick errands. of course now with newborn in tow, it's more challenging.

  2. well, guess some mothers would like their kids to socialize more, be more independent and also to expose them to new stuff.

  3. My mum was one of those who believed in early childhood group education, so at the tender age of 2 1/2 years' old, she bundled me off to a childcare kindergarden with my big sister. She's an extremely sociable person, and I can be too, when I want to. Maybe that's why!

  4. I can imagine how you feel - that's why I'm happy that I can stay at home now. Am trying to make work@home a dream come true!

    IF I didn't need to work and my Hubby has the $ for me to a full time SAHM, I wouldn't send Lucas to preschool either.

    But we can't afford that. In view of the situation, it's best that he attends preschool as he doesn't have any friends here.