Thursday, March 27, 2008

When papa has semester break..

...he takes leave to take me out.

Yesterday, we went to the KL Bird Park. Entrance fee was RM10 for papa (discount with my McD Kids Club card) and free for me (FOC for kids under 3). The timing was so chun because I turn 3 next month.

Here I am with the love birds, and my binoculars. We also had a picnic lunch of egg sandwiches and chocolate milk at the park, just like Higglytown Heroes.

This park is quite clean and big. Unlike the pathetic deer park nearby. I saw ostriches , flamingoes, hornbills and peacocks and many more. It's the world's largest covered aviary.

But I was quite afraid of the huge birds roaming free so papa had to carry me most of the time and that's why he couldn't take that many photos for yee yee to see.
We have to take photo like this.

This is the hatchery. It's for keeping the eggs warm so they hatch and out pop the little chicks.
I had a very educational and fun morning!

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