Tuesday, November 27, 2007

balancing and sugar

Been quiet for so long...we were away for annual Tan family holiday down south in Pulai Springs Resort. It was a good 4D/3N stay in a 4-bedroom unit. I haven't got the photos yet so more on this later...

In the mean time, some photos for yee yee's viewing pleasure.

Here's what Joe does every night before going to bed. He climbs on papa's back and gives papa a back massage with his feet.

Often gives me a near-heart attack when he jumps off. Maybe that's why the springs in my mattress are starting to creak...

This is him indulging in one of his favourite food - doughnut!

Favourite food means those that he can eat all by himself without help nor fuss. These include keropok, muruku, popcorn, papadam and McD's chicken nuggets.

Yeah...this is yummy!

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