Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To laugh or not to laugh

Joe says the funniest things. I really wonder how he thinks of such things.

  • Big bad wolf huff and puff and blow mama down the toilet. (Points to the toilet bowl while he is peeing)

  • Humpty Dumpty sat on the tuffet so cannot fall down. (He's been reading about Humpty Dumpty and Little Miss Muffet)

  • I open the door bigger and bigger so you can come in. (When I tell him mama is too big for his imaginary car which he 'makes' out of all the pillows on my bed)

  • Mama, you bend down. (When I tell him I'm too tall and the roof of the bus he's driving at Jusco's playland is too low.)

  • One nen nen, two nen nen, three nen nen... (He counts his dad's nipples and another mole which is coincidentally the same colour as the nipples).

  • Your nen nen look like bumpy road. (What's with Joe and nen nens???)

  • My sai look like snake. (He checks out his faeces in the potty)

  • Ask Yee Yee to buy checkered shirt for mama and nana. (He and his dad were wearing matching checkered shirts.)

  • Nana shirt got hole. Ask Yee Yee to buy new shirt for nana. (When he sees a hole in my mom's old t-shirt)

  • Ask Yee Yee buy battery. (Whenever his toys or our clocks run out of battery...haha! He thinks Yee yee prints money!)

  • Dear Lord, bless Ah more smelly car.... (He prayed on his own after I commented Reuben's car was smelly)

The icing on the cake must certainly be when he tricked Reuben 2 weeks ago. It was the lantern festival and we were downstairs strolling around the pool. He ran to the little playground and I pointed out to him the puddle of water at the bottom of the slide. I told him, "It's wet. Don't slide down." So he didn't. Later when Reuben went to play with him at the slide, Reuben sat at the top of the slide and Joe said, "Ah Ku slide down". As soon as Reuben started to slide, Joe said, "wet wet!". And then splash! Reuben got his bum wet. Joseph laughed. We laughed! Reuben got tricked by a 29-month-old kid.

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