Monday, April 27, 2015

My 10th Mummyversary

The birthday of my firstborn child is also the anniversary of the day I became a mother. I call this my Mummyversary.

So on 14 April 2015, I celebrated my 10th mummyversary. Joseph turned 10 years old.

 See how he has grown...







I cooked his favourite 'pigs in blanket' - pork sausages wrapped in pork bacon, baked till crispy! Sinfully delicious!
 We had a simple celebration at home 2 days earlier, with a very simple cake in the number 10 that cost less than RM10.

I made him write an appreciation note to his dad.

On his actual birthday, we went out for dinner at Delicious 1Utama. It was a good discount with groupons that were purchased with extra 18% off.

Here are my favourite boys in matching super-inspired shirts I made for them.

We're happy with the way Joseph has grown. Like all kids, he has his moments that drive us up the wall. But mostly, he is quite helpful and obedient. 

He's already too heavy for me to carry. I weigh only about 12kg more than him. His feet are also almost as big as mine. Just one size smaller. He can hardly sit still except when he's engrossed in a book or a movie. This year, he's picked up ping pong from school, besides badminton. He plays futsal on Sundays with the boys in church and cycles and swims at other times. Even during exams, sports does not take a back seat. 

Though he's not the academic kind, I'm happy with his progress in school. He can now read and write in chinese compared to some years back when every other word was 'something'. Any word he couldn't read was 'something'. 

Besides sports, his hobbies include annoying his sister and bickering with her. It's a love-hate relationship. They sing silly songs together and then annoy each other. 

Joseph...we  pray that you will grow into the man God wants you to be, and be a fine example to your younger siblings. We love you very much!

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