Monday, December 09, 2013

Dedicating Isaac

Isaac is 1.5 months old. It's been a very difficult and challenging 1.5 months for me. Sleep is a rarity. Some days I get by with 3 to 4 hours of sleep at night and hardly a nap in the day. The advice to "sleep when the baby sleeps" is applicable only for the first baby. Isaac is still very nocturnal - sleeper by day, guzzler by night.
Yes....he has a seemingly HUGE tank! He drinks 4oz formula at one go, right after breastfeeding. And then looks for the breast again. Yet that amount keeps him full for less than 2 hours. He has put on about 2kg in 6 weeks.
The most challenging part is handling a toddler that demands your attention and a newborn who wants your breast all the time! Like when I'm breastfeeding Isaac and Isabel poops.
 While the older two love Isaac to bits, Isabel is still grappling with the idea of being a big sister. She can say Isaac is her di di, kisses him and the very next moment smacks his head. Or pulls his fingers and hair.
So we had a baby dedication for him last night. For the uninitiated, a baby dedication is similar to infant baptism, minus the water since our church does not practice infant baptism. It is a public declaration of our commitment to bring up this child in God's ways. Witnessed by our family, cell and friends, they too commit to journeying with us and keeping us accountable. 

We took the opportunity to express our gratitude...
... to our parents for their love and support. Ah Mah & Ah Gong travelled up from Seremban weekly to supply food while Nana did the cooking for 2 weeks.
... to our siblings. KimKim took leave the day Isaac was born so that Nana could come over to babysit while I gave birth. AhKoh took good care of Joe in YongPeng and Singapore so he had a good holiday.
... our cell and friends for helping with whatever we needed, even running errands and helping to fetch the children to school.
Pastor Chris said :it takes a village to raise a child". I think it's true. Getting pregnant and giving birth is the easy part. Raising the child is the more challenging part. Thank God we are not alone. His grace is sufficient! 

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