Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blessed 40th Anniversary to Pa&Mummy

Today, 25th August 2013 marks 40 years since my parents got married. Here's a walk down memory lane..

Twenty-fifth August 
Nineteen seventy three
It's been forty years
This anniversary is the Ruby!

For better for worse
For richer for poorer
In sickness and health
You've stuck together!

Now wrinkled and gray
With some aches and pain
You've loved, grown and stayed sane
Your love for each other 
Never did wane
So let's take a walk down memory lane.

Married in Alor Star
At the church in Jalan Langgar
There God blessed you with a daughter
You named her Rebecca.

1977 - moved south to Ipoh
A year later,
God blessed you with Priscilla
another daughter.

Next move to Seremban
Where you had a son, Reuben
A boy, such joy indeed
The family was now complete!

Through the years
far and near
North to south
Blessings beyond wealth

Segamat to Raub
Then Penang and Bentong
Everywhere God sent you
The family went along.

Years passed
The children grew up
Graduated, got married
And now have their own bubs.

A crown to the aged
Are children's children
Six beautiful blessings
With two more in the oven.

Though riches and wealth
You may not have
Neither silver nor gold
Not even a house left.

You've given your all
To serve the Lord
You've given your best
Taught us about God

We look back
Grateful, thankful too
We look ahead
To more that God is going to do

Kong kong and Nana, 
We wish for you
God's richest blessings in your marriage
Love, joy, peace and health too

The legacy you leave
The example you've set
Your love for each other
We will never forget.


  1. The family did not go along to Bentong lah

  2. It rhymes la....and we did go...for kow po ice kacang!!!

  3. Very nice. Congratulations & Happy Anniversary to your mum and dad. Btw, Isabel looks sebiji like you when you were young :-)