Saturday, July 13, 2013

Travelling together - how many passports do you carry?

Way back when it used to be just me and hubby, this sufficed...

Now that I carry 5 passports (and 6 next year), the Samsonite passport holder will not zip up!

Some months ago, I bought myself a second hand sewing machine from the Singer warehouse sale. At RM430, it's cheaper than a brand new straight-stitch-only machine. This baby sews 18 patterns! I've been getting acquainted with it, sewing dresses and other stuff for my girls, with help from internet tutorials.
And since my treadmill brokedown 2 weeks ago, this baby has been my best friend! In preparation for our upcoming trip... I made this....

It's a passport holder that will comfortably hold up to 6 passports. There's also a slot for a pen and 2 clear card slots inside.
On the outside I sewed a zipper compartment for coins and another compartment for slotting papers.
I also added a wrist strap for easy carrying.

Time taken : about an hour
Cost : 60sen
Satisfaction : priceless

And I learnt it all on the internet!


  1. Wah so terror! Sewing machines and me - just not compatible! Where are you going for honeymoon?

  2. Indeed you are very talented. I tried sewing..straight line and I was so scared. Scare of the noise and speed :( Am trying again.

  3. I used to sew in secondary school for Home Science projects. Haven't touched a sewing machine for ages. You are very good with your hands.