Monday, September 17, 2012

Malaysia Day Weekend in Malacca

Malacca is not usually my choice holiday destination. For some inexplicable reasons, Daalin and I don't really like Malacca, no offense to Malaccans. My last trip there was several years back for a friend's wedding and prior to that, it was probably way back in 1994 for a youth camp.

Malaysia Day weekend in Malacca - why not?
It was a company trip with the best boss in the world!

We arrived a bit earlier than the group to meet our former neighbour for lunch. The kids had fun playing with their rabbits, Tammy and Hammy.

Isabel did a major poo after lunch! Thank God I could clean her up at our friend's place before heading to the hotel. It would have been awful to have to walk into the hotel with shit everywhere.

Upon reaching the hotel, we unloaded our stuff and headed straight out to dinner at a restaurant called Duyong, located at the Malacca river mouth.
We had ikan bakar, kerang, sotong rings with nasi lemak. Joy was practically fasting all day without her staple of oats.

Back at Hatten Hotel, we had to figure out our sleeping arrangements which was going to be a bit tight. My boss asked if Joe wanted to go over to her kids' room where there was an extra bed. Joe was game for it! The next morning he was very happy and proud of himself that he sleptover with LZ kor kor.

I realised then that it was indeed a 'malam ini dalam sejarah' because it's the first time that Joseph has slept with non-family.

The next morning, we had breakfast at Chatterz. It was very nice indeed. They even had oatmeal!!! Joy was one very happy girl.

After breakfast the kids went splashing in the saltwater infinity pool while I took Isabel for a walk to the adjacent Mahkota Parade.
I wanted to check out the much-blogged-about Nadeje which is famed for its millie crepe. Some say it's really good whereas others say it's overated. There was a long long queue even for takeaway - too much trouble for a piece of cake.

But guess what I found in Mahkota Parade......Patisfrance!!!

For lunch, we walked across the road to Dataran Pahlawan....Johnny's Restaurant for steamboat. 
In the evening, we took quite a long walk all the way to the river for a cruise. Along the way, I pointed out the very historical church to Joseph.
 I'm rather proud of the kids for doing all that walking without complaining.
 We got on the boat at almost 7pm.
Needless to say, Joe and Joy were excited!

 Even Isabel was having fun!
We had daytime view on the ride out and night time view coming back. I must say that the Malacca Tourism has done a great job with the river. It's really clean and pleasant.

After the cruise, we walked back all the way to the hotel and went past it to D'Tandoori House, located 2 roads away, for dinner.

My kids' eating-sleeping-schedule went out the window. We had lunch at 2pm and dinner at 9pm. I'm very thankful they are so adaptable and willing to just eat, drink and sleep whenever we tell them to. Joseph had no complains with food and went along with ikan bakar, steamboat, tandoori and nyonya.

Monday morning - it was another delicious leisurely breakfast at Chatterz....
...after which Joseph wanted to go swimming again but Joy wanted to go shopping for bling bling.

So Daalin took Joe swimming while I took the girls shopping. Joy is very easily-contented. She picked out a RM2-ring and a RM2-hairband, after I told her the tiara was very expensive. She could even tell me, " just see only ok? Don't buy."
Back at the hotel, I fed the girls before we checked out at 1pm and then headed to a Nyonya restaurant for lunch (with the gang).

By the time we finished lunch, it was almost 4pm. It took us another hour just to get out of Malacca town and on to the highway.
Traffic was decent, except for a stretch before Senawang. We got home at about 6.30pm. Holidays are great....but there's nothing like coming home to your own bed in your own cosy home.

I'm so thankful to be a part of this wonderful company and boss I work for. Really the best boss.....even my Joseph said so! 

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