Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pangkor Laut Resort - Day 2 & 3

Monday morning when most of the world wakes up to go to work.... we woke up to beautiful views of the gardens and the ocean beyond. On the way to breakfast, we stopped by the pool.
Breakfast at Feast Village was probably the best I've ever had at any hotel/resort. To start the day, I had a serving of fruits which included red dragon fruit.
My Daalin was also very healthy.... he munched on a celery stick!

Then I had an omelette (cooked on the spot at the egg station, of course) and some seafood breakfast pie.

Waffles freshly made at the waffle station, topped with mixed berries (or your choice of topping)....

There were also a few other 'live' stations serving japanese teppanyaki noodles, roti canai, and simple dim sum. I skipped the noodles, roti canai and nasi lemak.

We were both very delighted with the juice station. You get to pick your selection of cut fruits and there's a staff stationed full-time at this huge heavy-duty juice extractor who will juice the fruits for you on the spot. No water added. Fresh, pure fruits juice. Ice and milk available if you prefer.

After a few glasses of fruit juices, we took the shuttle to Emerald Bay again. By then it was about almost 11am and the sun was out in all its glory but the beach chairs were nicely shaded underneath the huge wide foliage.

The beach boy brought towels and cold water without us having to ask for it. This is excellent YTL service!

My Daalin made himself comfortable in the hammock and soon dozed off.

It was a very lovely morning indeed. So relaxing, just enjoying the sea breeze and the sound of waves breaking on the shore.

We then sat down at Chapman's Bar for our lunch.

It's right on the beach and we had a wonderful view of Emerald Bay.

For starters, Daalin had the Greek Salad...

...while I picked a less healthy option - Nachos!

Daalin had the Pangkor Lamb Chops for his main course.

My main course - Chicken in a Basket.

For dessert, I had a fruit salad...

...and Daalin had the Walnut Chocolate Brownie.

After a very full and satisfying lunch, we went back to our villa for a siesta. In the evening, we went for a swim but the weather suddenly took a turn for the worse as we were greeted by a thick blanket of haze. The air also stank of ashes.

We still made our way to Uncle Lim's Kitchen for dinner.

We ordered the Duck Spring Roll and Salted Egg Chicken for starters, and Oyster Omelette and Soft Shell Crab for mains but requested that they all be served together.

Of all the meals, I must say that this is the only one we didn't enjoy. Maybe we ordered too many fried stuff. But they were more oily than I had expected. The oyster omellete was especially disappointing with more flour batter than anything else.

For dessert, Daalin had a Avocado Cream.... I would never pay RM25++ for this! The cup probably cost more than the contents.

I had the Mango Pudding....

On our final day, we again had a very enjoyable breakfast. Daalin must have downed at least 5 glasses of fruit juices.

I spotted a couple of peacocks that strolled into Feast Village. This one was particularly vain...

We checked out and departed on the 12noon ferry. It had been a very lovely holiday at a very lovely resort. Pangkor Laut sure lives up to it's brand of being a YTL Luxury Resort.

At RM799nett per person for the 3D2N package, I felt it was real value-for-money. Driving to Lumut cost RM2.70 in toll each way (between Damansara and Rawang) and a total of RM17.10 for parking at the multi-storey car park.

We started our drive from Lumut at about 12.45pm and arrived home at 4pm.

Next year will be our 10th anniversary....and Daalin is thinking of..... Maui!!!

(**only because he has a conference there around our anniversary time next year)


  1. we had dinner at Uncle Lim's too and i remembered it was very delicious.
    great price for a great getaway.

  2. same here. We had dinner in Uncle Lim's too and as far as I can remember the food was really very delicious! We even ordered steamed Cod fish and it was so fresh... that was back in year 2005.

    anyway, agreed. great price for a great getaway. i'm definitely going to go back there again. hehe.

    wow, Maui for 10th anniversary...how blessed :)

  3. hmm.....maybe we order wrong thing. or we just have very ang moh stomachs.

    wl - for now Maui is still in the dreaming stage. though I'm not too keen on leaving THREE kids with my mum for over a week.