Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fish park

I like to bring Joseph to the Seremban 2 City Park. He calls it Fish Park, and here’s why; there is a nice lake with plenty of fish in there, and they even sell bread (relatively inexpensive at RM1 per big bag) for you to feed the fish. They have also built ‘platforms’ where you can see and feed the fish.

The platform to view and feed the fish

The authorities have also put in lots of fish, and they all appear to be very well maintained. There were big and nice fishes.

Feeding frenzy

Joe trying to 'sprinkle' the bread

General feeding view

Recently, Joseph has renamed the park as ‘Fish and Bird park’. This is because he saw some sparrows come eat the bread crumbs. As a result, that became his new passion, and he enthusiastically chased the sparrows in an attempt to feed them (which obviously won’t work). So now we put bread crumbs on the walkway and hope that the birds will come eat them. It works, but not at a very high success rate.

Sparrows coming to feast

We also tried to feed a bird in the water …..

Notice the bird eyeing the small piece of bread

The park has quite a nice playground too, but normally Joe doesn’t go on that. His favourite item there is the set of 3 tunnels

But what is his favourite past-time with the tunnels? Climbing on it and then jumping down!

I don't play in the tunnel. I play ON the tunnel!

Overall, this is a nice park. It has been around for a couple of years and is very well maintained (a very nice change from what we’ll normally see in Malaysian parks). They have even stationed security guards there to maintain order (this is necessary otherwise the fish will disappear!) The fish are beautiful, and feeding them can be very therapeutic for one. Only downside to this park is that it is very crowded during the weekends and public holidays, which speaks volumes about its popularity. In addition to the fish and playground, the park also has kite-flying; there are vendors selling kites all along the road leading to the park.

Joseph and his cousins trying to fly kite (more of his cousins fly and he watch)
Kites galore!

These ‘outdoor’ times (such as these, and the visits to the deer park and ostrich farm) are things that I treasure with Joseph. It has been my privilege to show and teach him new things. I’m not sure about him, but I definitely enjoy these times with him. It’s also very fulfilling when he keeps wanting to see pictures of those ‘outdoor’ times that we have shared together. I hope that Joseph will learn to appreciate nature and the outdoors and live a physically active lifestyle. I don’t want him to be an ‘indoor’ kid, stuck to the TV/computer, and living a sedentary lifestyle. Living in the city, it can be very easy for him to fall into that kind of lifestyle. I suppose this is what I can do to help him live a healthy lifestyle.


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  1. looking at the tunnels reminds me of all the fun i had in the church playground back then...