Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy 28th Birthday Ah Ku

Ah Ku turned 28 years old on 11 September. Yes, he has a very easily-remembered birthdate thanks to a bunch of terrorists 6 years ago. 9/11. Well, I wasn't born yet then so ignorance is bliss.

We celebrated Ah Ku's birthday last night. Papa took me to Domino's to tar pau pizza. I enjoy seeing the uncle make the pizza and putting it in the oven. Mama bought KFC mash potatoes for me and also a cute little cake for Ah Ku.

Here's we are with Ah Ku's cake... That's che-che Joanne on my left.

And another pic with Nana and Kong Kong as well.

See I'm trying to help Ah Ku blow out his candles. There were so many that Ah Ku had a hard time blowing them out all by himself.

Finally we cut the cake. It was so yummy we finished it all up. Sorry yee yee...none left for you.

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